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(3-3-21) From this morning: EXCELLENT SHOW - AND WE ALL CAN JOIN THE SHERIFF'S MOVEMENT (here) !! - 3.3.21 - Scott McKay "Patriot Streetfighter" Interview with Sheriff Mack. Update on Alan Parrot (WHISTLEBLOWER) who had Terrabytes of criminal activity/proof soon to be released regarding [Bin Laden] (audio & documents) - "Trump will be back very soon" - dropping maybe in April. Most all will be revealed - (Anna Khaitt) here.

(3-2-21) So, I've been rebuilding this website in my spare time, in a temporay location. I have most of the structure in place and next I'll be adding text to every page. It no doubt will take weeks, probably months to build.. -always improving, always learning, always trying to share truth, and always holding the line.. -on MANY topics, not just Sev. Here's a pirated snapshot of the new design, click on it (click Back to return here).

Scott is online here. Biden got $4 billion from Chynuh to allow them to create the recenet snow storm over Texas, where at least 23 died and tons of damages. Biden also got $4.5 from Chynuh and Ukraine which is a total of $8.5 billion. Nesara expected to come online in the future.

(3-1-21) Scott was live here yesterday.

(2-27-21) Chilling today, not watching much news today. Trying to get ideas for rebuilding this website. It started as a small thing just for me, now expanded much bigger. I had 1000 visitors the first week I shared the link a month ago. I appreciate you guys. Please share this page -no ad's, no BS, no fluff. When I rebuild this website, I'll have topics broken down in separate pages, I know this one gets long and it might be hard for new people to understand. I'm using a very old web editor (MS Expression Web 4), so I bought a sweet one called Pinegrow -that's a struggle, and I don't have time to struggle. We have a country to save !! ---> HOLD THE LINE !!

(2-25-21) New website to buy American - goods and services. Sign up, then buy American here. Scott should be beginning his show soon, I'll post link as soon as he does.

NOTE: MANY SITES ARE NOW DOWN OR SUFFERING BIG TIME. PER DOWNDETECTOR.com ABOUT 25 LARGE COMPANIES, SUCH AS YOUTUBE, XBOX, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, and most of the rest are online games. DS communicates via gaming chats to stay anonomous.. -hopefully White Hats are making the DS their bitches right now !!

Scott's most viewed video is from Nov. 2020 here. YT back online, here's Scott's link here but starts later at 7:00pm (CST). Scott's show has on a famous guest called Krystal Tini, she seems like a terrific person. No big drops from Scott yet tho, just a great conversation. Talking about creating your own reality -which I agree fully on. Be sure to watch this show.

(2-24-21) Scott is about to start his show here. "OPERATION RESTORATION." The Federal Reserse was shut down today. The quantum financial sysytem is going online now. Yesterday, a contact said 4 of 5 generals gave the green light to do so. Banks were unable to send/receive wire transfers today for an hour, but then resumed -although many delays. Reddit.com was down (servers maxed out) related to Gamestop event.. -back online now tho (it was a second shutdown). Trading stopped (again). Gamestop's price shot from $40 to $200 a share, busting the balls of the [DS].. -possible white hat op (mentioned on 17 board long ago?). More Gamestop action expected tomorrow.


(2-22-21) Scott starting live right now here. Operation Restoration.  Simon Parkes' new video here. A Rothchild said to have set explosives underground so they can blow any time.. -buried near water tables to poison us. "The Plan To Save The World by Joe M" - most famous video, be sure to share. :-)  Open your horizon here: "Secret Base on the Ceres Asteroid." Another great one: "15 Things School Won’t Teach You." - "The Moon Is Not What You Think - What They Saw Will Shock You." - "The Moon is Artificial and I Can Prove It: Alien Observatory."

(2-21-21) Wow, I just found this: "Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015. And 2017" (link). Excellent video on med-beds which we will soon have !! (video) (article).

(2-20-21) I haven't been able to find Scott a few nights, he's been a guest on another show or two. He had a great interview with Charlie Ward, a guy who dropping gold nuggets during the conversation. I'll def begin following him.. -I've seen him in the past several times and have always been intrigued by him. (I added his link above). Same for Simon Parkes, I've seen him many times and he also drops terrific nuggets (daily). (Link above). I see Scott had a video today (2-20-21) and the description says 300,000 children rescured from Melborne (AU) DUMBs !! -Wow, that's great and sure shows action is still going on behind the scenes (link here). I'll be watching that shortly. I'm now listening to Scott's video, and says JFK, Jr. is alive and wife, etc. -that's the first time I've heard such strong opinion on that topic. More elites backing [BLM]. I'm listening now, but you need to listen for yourself.. -I type slowly and have ADHD (LOL). Scott is now discussing race, and the BS pushed on our younger people and used as tools by [DS]. The only racists are the D's and DS and we're all being played like pawns. No issues until [BO] was president. Much of Hollywood is pedo's and only make movies on the side, to network, get their satanic word out, symbolism, etc. Vote with your dollars.. -don't do business with D or pedo-ran businesses. I deleted my FB after 15 yrs, and Messenger, and Twitter, and cancelled Netflix. Buy Goya groceries, lots of misc good stuff, the CEO is pro-Trump. Monkey seems to have lost all trust in the return of 45, he focuses more on the religious videos although still has occassional plane videos.. -check out his store, he sells high quality unique items. Scott.. -chemtrails are loaded with nano bots and are in our body, and the 5G will activate them to jack us up. There is a vacine to rid us of the nano's however.. -this will come out later. Another topic, [B] is trying to pass a law to make us all report all our guns, where they are, who owns them, where they are hidden, etc. B is also trying to pack another CV check with tons of more pork/waste -money going to all their wishlist, saving us for last. He also clearly said it's the end of the US first, and he'll be changing that soon. Here's another link to Scott interviewing a fully legit guy, dropping gold nuggets, def watch and listen close here. Estimated there will be litteraly 1 million kids rescued from Australia and another million from Phillipeans. Most of the kids have never seen the sun (literaly).. -some DUMBs are a mile under the earth's surface, kids get the bends when brought up too quickly (killing them). 6000 topics to be declassed, and med-beds (alien technology). Wow, Scott just said "all these ventilators Trump is having built, are actually med-beds for these kids.. -WOW. And there are 10,000 DUMB's.

(2-15-21) Scott just went live here. He spoke on various topics, always great of course. More info on Veterans who worked around "burn pits" on duty and their extreme struggles.

I also watched an incredible video cram-packed with great info, discussing Secret Space Program (SSP), Dark Fleet, Dracos, bases on the Moon and Mars, bed-beds, and tons of other info. Keep a very open mind and learn. (Hint: Disclosure topics). Link here.

(2-11-21) Monkey mentioned yesterday tens of thousands NG from AL went to FL. Scott's show here for YT, but keep in mind he will delete that tonight after a few hrs, then re-post on Rumble. His links are above. I don't post here every night, it depends how much info is released. I have about 5 videos I want to post soon. I love that states are beginning to sue [B] about some of these BS laws/signings going on. TX and FL are rising up, I hope others will too. OK, let's listen to Scott.. -Fort Worth had a 70 car pile-up ?! Caused by ice, pray for them, 5 passed. (much love to the families). Dillion O'Conner arrested for trying to meet underage girl (allegedly).. -he is a doctor at a wold-famous childen's hospital. School in OH closed due to many side effects from taking vacc!ne. Tesla technologies coming out to help humanity.. -anti-gravity vehicles coming, we already have patents, also for free energy. Fukishma event caused by underground explosions on purpose by [DS] in order to cause mass confusion so they can kidnap many, many kids for adrenochrome. Epstein said to be in Greenland. DUMBS in DC are now cleared.. -explosions heard, saving children. All lights still out at night at capital, pitch dark.

(2-8-21) Scott had a few days back (here). LT from And We Know is the guest tonight (awesome guy and terrific YT channel). Super Bowl.. -satanic symbolism big time. LT had a lot of awesome things to say -his shows are great (here). Scott continued his show, ending the normal show but then he dialed into his radio show and is continuing with LT, so you might hear a few commericials as they transition to the radio show.

(2-4-21) Mayamar arrests..-election fraud, the country also has deep pizza things going on. Clinton, etc, pix now coming out with pix with all these kings and leaders, all connected by pizza. Mother Teresa and Dali llama both child traffickers. Why does the Nobel Peace Prize goes to all these ped0’s (worldwide)?

The Wallenburg family from Switzerland control most of this evil matrix, research them. Putin’s attempted assassin was hired by Wallenburg family. Chynuh president is on Alliance’s side not CCP. 4951 Drop: discusses “Shall we play a game”... -brackets indicate “forced.” Amazon owns nearly 50% of the cloud market. Bezo connected to [JE]. Why is Washington Post leading attack on 17? Because Bezos owns it. Who funds Amazon (cloud services)? C_I_A = Clowns. Who targeted NSA regarding surveillance, etc to prevent exposure of pre-Uranium One? = Clowns. Why non-stop attacking 17 worldwide? Because they’re afraid we’ll wake up. Drop 2401.. -discusses it.. goes back to Bezo, Zuck, and back to Clowns. Zuck is grandchild of a very rich family. FB created by Clowns also Google, etc.

Elon Musk says he’s off Twitter for a while.. -drop 428. EM built his empire with our money, Amazon Echo, and more - Clowns gave them lots of money in exchange for the secret access codes for everything. Drop 571.. -Jack and Zuck.. Eric Schmit.. (watch this video!!) -none if these bastards are going to get away with it. Hollywood involved with pizza big time.

Space Force.. -brought back by 45 for all these arrests (and much more), [B] and his crew are oblivious. 45 said we’re going to unlock the secrets of space (SSP, Solar Warden, Dark Fleet). Connection to Ted Cruz’s dad and JFK (FF).. -Cruz born in Canada? -his wife has strong connections to [DS]. LT from “And We Know” will be on the show Monday. Steve Bannon.. -Arizona election thing will be done Monday then 5 high officials will be arrested ASAP. 45 is still our president. Scott will have a show Friday, not Saturday. Might be something going on Sunday during Super Bowl ? (

(2-3-21) Scott's live shows will always be uploaded to Rumble and is removed daily off YT. His links are above. Ted Cruz's wife is connected to [DS]. Only 2-4 good Republicans. Jamie Tarisis(?) and Travolta's wife both died recently -not a coincidence, not for the reasons we were told. Travolta's son's death may have been a sacrifice, that's what Hollywood does to climb their satanic ladder (many examples). 18 dead in a 10 day period.. -high profile people, mostly all are politicians from around the world, wow all within 10 days. Super Bowl and puppy show references.. -Scott tells us to research 17 for info. (possible link)

Jeff Bezos, CEO.. -stepping down from Amazon, his replacement is the guy who shut down Parler. A defense contractor.. -confirmed big defense projects are extremely evil, very much so, more than you can imagine. Saudia Arabia.. -the sword dance with 45 publicly showed the world 45 is king of their country, since he exposed all the proof against SA's [DS]. The new prince then raided all the criminal princes. Raids on pizza locations, freed 2000 kids who were caged ready for consumption. Putin was killing Isis.. -to destroy more underground DUMBS. A 17 drop.. -"Shall we play a game ? - [N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming" = NCSWIC = "National Council Of Statewide Interoperatibilty Coordinators" [link] -this is how the MIL communicates. Lastly, 17 drop 51.. -read it, it's what's happening to us.

(2-2-21) Scott's show tonight here. People are selling more silver on paper than there is silver, scamming big time, mostly run by cabal. Jeff Bezos, CEO from Amazon "resigned." Amazon has banned Q books on their website. Patriot-themed businesses started by the guest on Scott's show, Dustin Nemos. (businesses were not discussed). Gamestop.. -confusing stuff, but being done to show how DS manipulates market. Explaining how they cheat and steal and buy silver and gold at extremely low prices. Just printed trillions of dollars in paper money. A scam, and whoever does not physically have the silver in-hand, will end up getting ripped off. Same may happen with gold. Gamestop.. -conflicts of interest at new WH, spouses, etc. in the financial industry. Alot of banks might start to go out of business. Myanmar.. -their MIL arrested many of their top leaders due to big time voter fraud. The US fake news MSM is spinning it as a MIL coup since they say they were fairly elected (cough,cough). I think [B] made some comments about protecting their contry or something -hard to follow his logic. Lots of coincidences to here and there, we'll seem. Keep your popcorn handy..

NESARA.. -hundreds of millions of dollars hidden from us, being collected during the crimes against humanity crimes. (No firm info on this topic). The US dollar is collapsing big time. Stocks, bonds, and real estate future def looking bad. Middle class will improve in the long term. 401k.. -The Retirement Gamble movie explains how 401k is a scam. An IRA might be a better option. Silver market.. -they may try to confiscate it all due to a war (etc.), suggests to bury it, yes, bury. Our MIL is pacing themselves to help protect Americans from harm (rumors of dirty bombs, etc. in suitaces hidden all over the US), instead of rushing in for all the arrests. However, arrests are gradually being done behind the scenes. Our stimulus checks will keep weakening the dollar. His financial guest was Dustin Nemos (his social media here). NOTE: Scott will start taking off Fridays and Saturdays, but will get online if something big pops.

(2-1-21)  GoFundMe is owned by Facebook.. -consider using GiveSendGo instead, which is Christian based (and no fees). More chatter about February being a month of big action, actually starting Feb. 1 due to estimated timeframes. From a Chynuh contact on a videostream called "His Glory": He has validated Scott's info from the other day. The following was his message, although no proof:

"Trump will provide a specific message this week thru a media interview, but you must listen closely. Explanation of 45 remaining president and all being revealed before the impeachment scam. Buckle up for more info from us, who have now been revealed as The Guardians. Please share this with your followers."

The Burmese (Myanmar(?) military just took over the gov for massive voter fraud, who were under a dictator. US Dem White House trying to protect the fraud election in Burmese. The recent GameStop scandel might be spearheaded by White Hats, but no proof yet.

(1-31-21) Trump's codename is Mogul. Chynuh president has been removing CCP top military brass and preparing their soldiers and US military to take over the country peacefully. CCP resources to be removed by end of March. Mogul is in FL. CCP is merely a new name for the Kazera(?) Mafia. Stop wearing masks !! We need to stop shopping at stores that require masks, etc. NASCAR is going to back BLM and let them have a car, even tho the garage noose was all a FAKE. Next topic, Robinhood/Gamestop with Kat.. (confusing, but explained). The acts were criminal. Jed Bush made secret investment 1 day before 9/11. Lots of evil things done by that family. Scott has great plans for things we can all do once all this [DS] stuff is over with.

Excellent show from Scott 1-2 days ago not previously linked to on this site -incredible info, truly, must watch here.

(1-28-21) Scott will be live again at 6:00pm (CST) - he's using this YT page (here), but then deletes it after the show and uploads to his Rumble account. His links are in a section ABOVE.

Arrests are happening right now. Two governments working in parallel, a shadow government. Military is running financial, commerce, and defense areas. Trump is still POTUS, Scott's contact (Kyrstin?) explained Gen Flynn's brother put in charge, and under Tiawan is preparing for Tiawan and US to OCCUPY Chynuh to remove CCP, then help to create a new republic, like we are in US. Putin and India's Modey(?) helping with all this. India has a better (future) economy than Chynuh due to their one-child policy for so many years -many are very old so manpower will be issue. India is the opposite situation. Once removed, Trump will be back to lead us and will remove CCP from the earth. February will be a rocky month. (Scott taking off 2 days unless something breaking happens, expects to be back Sunday night). Reminder: He'll delete from YT and re-post to Rumble, might take a few hrs.

(1-27-21):  I prob won't continue "taking notes" during Scott's shows since I type slow and now people can follow him themselves. I'm not saying he's my fav, but but I really like his style. His show tonight stats at 6:00pm (CST) here, but then will be taken down and posted on his Rumble account here. Once the show ends on YT, he may delete the video, then upload to Rumble since it's a friendlier platform. Keep that in mind if it turns off mid-show. It's about to start, get the popcorn !!

Scott discussed the 7 & 10 days of darkness, the capital has been lights out a few days. We should vote with our dollars -shop with friendly companies, and don't shop at others.. -including certain social media platforms, online shopping, local retailers, etc. He hopes to soon start mentioning businesses we should consider using, etc.

(1-26-21): (((LINK)))  Another great show.. spoke of the E they're trying to stick us with, terrific info but I won't type it here. Also, we need more people to wake up - one way of measuring how awake people are, is how many people are still wearing masks. [DS] trying to bury all their illegalities committed over the last 4 years. He explained the [SR] event, and how he likely died at the hospital. Guess who was at the hospital before [SR] arrived?.. -Donna Brazil and Muriel(?) Browser(?) (the mayor of the city).

IRS will be removed, capital will be rebuilt in another state, income will be stopped or greatly reduced. (no time frame mentioned). Trump signed a thing in 2018 about election interference with foreign help -so military was 100% prepared. DC is now a foreign land, [B] and his administration are not legit at all. (Lin Wood had a few sweet quotes on this topics). [DS] goal is New World Order (NWO) and worse. We didn't know about DC not being part of the US because the D's change and hide history from us.

17 cabal Ruplicans retired about 2-3 yrs ago, then later the number climbed to 23, then 45.. -getting the heck out of dodge, knowing what's coming. (told to get out now and work for us, do as we say, etc.). While all that was going on, that allowed [P] took over the House -not realizing it was a trick. Use Telegram, and join Scott's Telegram pages (2 listed above in the Telegram section). Many awaking after the E so keep trying to inform others. Proving it was all political, now that President Trump is gone, many of the states are immediately opening up and small businesses allowed to reopen.

The declass is (likely) going to be used with the impeachment hearings similar to the first impeachment hearings opened other important info up.. -could be a major move. Hold the Line !!

(1-25-21): (((LINK)))  Two of Scott's YT accounts deleted by the overlords a little while ago. I believe he'll be on Rumble here NOW. I think YT banned Scott from all his channels, so he's on Rumble right now. Looks like there are 2 co-hosts on the show. "Mega Info" or "Maga Info" is a new platform being built for Patriots. Scott using Patriot Streetfighter 3 and then 4 if 3 gets taken out.. -it seems he may still have some access to YT.

[B] is president of nothing. They are filming on a fake stage, not actually in the WH. NESARA would be a great option to finish wiping out the capital. The states would then be re-built from the ground up with honest people. IRS would go away and many others. 4th host just agreed with everything Scott just said. Spain saw the inauguration on TV 10 hours before it "happened" in the US, it was recorded in advance. Soldiers took oath to the Constitution of the Republic while at the capital which increases their arresting power. All tunnels are locked down underneath the capital. 10th Mountain Division is there. Castle Rock active. Lots of people considering suicide recently, sad.. The tunnels expand out to DS homes in the area, but now are secure. Tunnels allowed people to enter WH without going thru security checks. Many children were in the tunnels.

26,000 more soldiers headed to DC. DC is enemy territory. Patriot missile batteries still scattered across the US (they are defensive). All arrests were to take place at inauguration by canceled due to threat of explosion. Many patriots have been turning on other patriots since inauguration. Lots of shills constantly prodding at Scott in Telegram and YT comments. Discussed the gun-booms Trump got and [B] did not yet. Crimes against humanity charges against WH, so they forfeit all their money. Buildings around WH in shape of a huge owl, a god the satanists worship -so it will all be taken down, including the very tall monument the shape of a schlong -research those dimension (666) horrible. Perhaps Julian Assange was not pardoned because he was arrested under the non-legit Corporation. 17 flags displayed with Trump recently was likely a sign that Sev is still alive and well. Melania's dress with orange hexagons - could be a Joker symbolism, meaning Trump is the Trump card. Others saw orange hexagons are using in the military to initiate a battle.

(1-24-21): (((LINK)))  FYI, Scott McKay is terrific, but I also research using many other resources, influencers, news sources, etc. I try to separate what I learn from Scott on this page - I don't want to put words in his mouth. OK, got your popcorn ready ? White hats had wanted mass arrests on inauguration day, but something happened and so our plans were pushed back. Chance of many dirty bombs planted all over the US (maybe 28) so no arrests -at least not many.

Military is DEFINATELY in control, FYI. Keep sharing this information, keep trying to enlighten others -many are still in the dark. White hats need sheep to see the depths of destruction and pain the D's will put the US thru.. (controlled destruction). D's releasing illegals to the streets, stopped building on the wall, cost the US about 75,000 jobs, and more chaotic stuff. Released prisoners bound to commit crime. More people need to be awakened. This is also a (controlled) show. Complete proof Trump supports did NOT cause riots at the capital, already proved via arrests, video, money transfers, etc.  -ridiculous Trump is blamed for it. Never interfere with an enemy who is destroying itself. The "US Corporation" is already dead.

Many groups already pissed off at [B], unions and many others. Trump is never going back to White House. The US Corp. is about to be seized, so states are no longer to answer to them. The new US leaves the old one behind. Old US related to huge loan to Vatican & Bank of London. (this is complicated, but is the key, read previous Notes below). DC is now walled in, secured. Trump was voted in by We The People. This new administration is controlled by foreigners. We are reclaiming US. No more IRS (soon). Goal for [DS] is to bring in the evil New World Order (NWO). The Crown controls many countries and their money. The Vatican, Germany, Italy, China, and others for interfering with our election. We will take their assets.

Many, many governments have recently resigned throughout the world. Lady Gaga is most likely a satanist, seen wearing panda eyes (reference to child pizza). We will rid this country of the [DS}. Rumor that [BLM] and [Ant!fa] are the shock-troops of the D's, might see more problems from them. Someone important arrested in Amsterdam today -great news (but I could not hear the name)..-New York Post has info (possible link here). 33 children saved from traffickers recently. Native Americas concerned about [B]'s new laws which seem to be going against treaties.

Hank Aaron died 2 weeks after taking vaccine? They admit the tests are not accurate. Fauci now admits HCQ is the Rx to use for the CV. Wake up people. Now that elections are over, cities beginning to open back up. Many D governors being censoring (for removal). Spread the word.

(1-23-21): (((LINK)))  Recommended link: AWK NEWS...The Movie, The Final Act and a great video here: The Plan To Save The World. Military doctorine does not even touch this situation we're in.. -a very few extremely intelligent people (more so than our generals) are running this Op. Trump still writing executive orders, allowed by military. JFK files dumped today via Telegram. Again, he highly  recommends the AWK video (linked just above). Military keeping everything behind the scenes for now, arresting high people quietly (for now).

South Africa kicking Britain out of their country, will get their money back, and much more. Regarding "done in 30".. -is that 30 days related to the inaguration, or is the military giving D's 30 days in the fake capital ? May will be crushed to know it was filmed in a studio, tough red pill.. -is that the scare event? When the new system is put in place, things like driving tickets, etc. may go away, but hard crimes will likely remain. Some debts are ALREADY being wiped out !! We should probably do our taxes. Asia, Eurpope, Isreal is last for this Awakening. Never watch even 1 minute of MSM news. Hold the Line !!

(1-22-21): (((LINK))) (some of this info is merely speculation, as is much of this webpage): Monkey is back online, watch his show here. This plan is still playing out, not over. "And We Know (AWK)" great patriot just got axed (YT?), seek him out, here. Trump won't announce the arrests, they will be handled my military, it's all in their hands.. -Trump's clear of blame.

"Castle Rock" production company may be filming Bidin in a fake oval office, some proof online. Snow seen thru window where Biden was.. -likely done in a film studio. Also something about the drapes, and also from many of thew clips, the womens' shoes change colors.. -filmed at different times or whatever. All assets of [DS] will be owned by the good guys, or the American people. This is worldwide, so I'm unsure of the breakdown.

DC is captured enemy foreign soil so we can't send in soldiers(?). DC no longer our capital. New capital might be built in Texas or elsewhere. DC built on and with satanic symbolism. Horrible pizza crimes conducted in, under, and around the capital.. -the temporary fence encompasses the same perimeter of the pizza caves below ground.

If the US Corp. is now dissolved, everyone in DC has now power, they are in enemy territory representing an enemy invader. This is why our troops are moving in, the 1776 Constitution is what we're now using, 13 states will have to re-join the US if they meet criteria.. -which guts their swamps, need new state elections, etc. That's why Biden's White House has no power. The WH itself has no power now. China controls Biden, so US is now under foreign control.. -military is required to take over, thankfully.

The Marshall Report: Trump Ode to the Corporation

Covid phasing out now that election is over? [DS] has been feminizing our kids for years so they will be wimpier, weaker, all to make us as a society easier to manipulate.. -this is all Secret Space Program technology. Each year, the average testosterone levels keep going down. Gender splicing in some flu shots and more.

(1-21-21): (((LINK))) (some of this info is merely speculation): Thousands of pages of NEW BIG TIME document dumps on Telegram: "TrueGreatAwakening". Also, the inaguration was viewed (by some) 10 HOURS before we watched the "live" version.. -many suspect CGI for several reasons. No foreign ships are allowed to dock on the CA coast. A damaged sub was pulled into dock in Hawaii with bad dents (I presume US?). Patriot anti-missle batteries still setup in various locations. Appeared Peloski was arrested at the inaugeration, on video being escorted by 2 female agents. Maybe HRC too. Lots of leaked calls with Biden and Obamma, etc. HRC treasonous plot to provide uranium to rogue nations, then explode nukes inside US.

Biden's compound in Ukraine raided by US, capturing many laptops, $300,000 in gold, lots of machine guns, thousands of bullets, miles of tunnels underground -some containing shakles bolted to the walls.. -some shakles had flesh attached, also found 12 duffle bags of black tar heroin. BLM and Antifa causing more destruction around Seatle -issues demands such as release all prostitutes, reparations, no death penalty, defund police, etc.

Scott (and I) recommend we all watch AWK's recent video -extremely great video !!

The "US Corporation" was officially DISSOLVED at 12:01am the morning of the election.. -related to Rothchilds in 1800's, after the war we were broke.. -this Corp. was formed and used to sell bonds, rule over the US.. (see video for specifics). Federal Reserve Act was passed Christmas Eve (in secret) years ago which screwed us.. -leading to selling us using social security numbers, taxing us, etc.. -it went bankrupt in 1999, went back to British Crown ownership.

Biden ran a fake ceremony/inauguration to become president of a corp. that does not exist. We already have been reverted back to the original 1776 Constitution.. -with that, it is RUMORED Trump was secretly sworn in as president of that restored republic (no verification however).. -he would then be the 19th president of the official US. That's why Trump's last speaches were so uplifting. The capital is not part of the US -and congress have all cimmited treason, they are confined to the capital grounds (?) and cannot leave, which is why fences and troops surrounds them.. -it's legally "foreign enemy territory" now. Our new capital will be moved. All governors of the 13 colony states must undo/dismantle everything to re-join the Union. BRILLIANT !! After all this, new elections, then disclass of secret technologies.

Trump signed NESARA on 11-2-20. There are 17 militaries under Trump's FULL control led by General Flynn, including Russia's military. This is a global takedown. The new crown prince in Saudia Arabia, one DS shiek sang like a bird after 3 days hung upsidedown.. -he had 70% of all elected US Senate and House rep's on his payroll, and also ratted out the Vatican, Rothchilds, the British Monarchy. Might be only 15 US rep's salvagaeble. Pure gold bars hidden under the Vatican stacked 150 miles long, 60 meter high, and 120 meters wide.. -like a solid, giant bar of gold.(here)

We currently are mostly laying low at the moment, so we don't want to attract attention. Sev=Seventeen. Violence is never the way, stay calm, legal, and frosty. Go to inluencers' websites and signup for their newsletters so you'll be alerted if they change platforms.


To be clear, I certainly am not 17 and do not have any awesome connections to top military.
I'm a regular guy doing my best to research and share info. Much love to all Patriots, wordwide !!

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