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I try to post updates about things I learn daily. Of course, some is specluation, some are facts, and so forth.. -so be sure to always do your own research.

This military operation sure is tight, no leaked info, no hints, no pictures.. -we're assured to win tho !!
  (3-19-21) Scott had Mike Adams (Health Ranger) on his show here, I was highly impressed. Discussed how to avoid all the toxins and crap they add to our foods. More great info from Scott too.

(3-16-21)  I've been busy setting up my new desk and moving all my computer hardware onto it, so I haven't been online much the last few days. Scott was told Isreal's Nytanyahu was taken out related to Fukashima (nuclear plant that was destroyed and continues to dump radiation into the ocean by the barrels on a daily basis since it happened 10-15 years ago) here. He's now discussing how the cabal is using the CV to get us to take their vacines, etc... -good video, listen to it. A few good, high profile arrests around the world beginning. Vatican is now bankrupt and is now asking for more donations.

(3-11-21)  Scott's show tonight is here (6pm CST). Also, this is from today: "HR8 & HR1446: These Republicans Voted For Gun Control" here. We lost 200 badass soldiers when a cabal group agreed to surrender, led them into a trap, then were burned to death. This was recent.

(3-10-21)  I took a few days off to recharge, I miss you guys. I watched Scott's show from 3-10-21 and it was great. The 2 hospital ships on both coasts left about a year ago FULL of kids. Also, Monket sees that there must be enemy subs off Florida coast due to the amount of sub-hunting planes and their routes. Also lots of tankers in the sky to feed our fighters.. -and also something big going on around Isreal too. HOLD THE LINE PATRIOTS !!
   (3-6-21) I'm moving the new design out to the public. Obviously, I'll be working on this almost daily to bring it up to speed, populating every page, and more pages, and deciding how to handle this blog. For now, I'll just link to the old archived storage for the older blog stuff. Soon, I'll read thru all that and delete of that.. -it still has nice info for newer people tho.. -like how and why Trump is still our President, etc. Thanks for stopping by. Please share this website with your friends and on social media. :-)
  (3-5-21) Since Scott's YouTube was shut down, he now posts on #7 and #8 is his next backup here ---> "Patriot Streetfighter 7" and "Patriot Streetfighter 8." I'm watching his most recent 3-4-21 show (here). He usually takes off Friday and Saturday nights so I don't expect a live one tonight. Oh and I saw a show earlier with Ann Vandersteel here. Kayleigh McEnany now officially part of FoxNews team here.
  (3-4-21) Scott's channel was taken down (again) from YouTube.. -they don't like truth. He created another YT account, and also a backup. Search for, then Follow: "Patriot Streetfighter 7" and "Patriot Streetfighter 8." I'm not sure if he'll have a show tonight. New accounts require 24 hrs before they allow livestreams, so that would be around midnight tonight. Scott had made a voice drop describing the 2 new accounts on Telegram, so sign-up for that here. Also, YouTube literally is deleting and closing accounts if they posted Trump's CPAC speech, can you believe that crap ?! I downloaded it. I found it on Sean Hannity's Rumble. My new website is linked to it for historical purposes. :-) Per Simon Parkes here today, Trump flew to Switzerland aboard AF1. We now have 17 states opening up. Excitement expected in near future. March should be a game-changer, and April it should be more. March and April will have big things that even MSM cannot block.
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